Feature Article (The footprint from the past.) March 11, 2012

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Pangasinan is one of the country’s most diverse provinces where you find a plenty of marvelous landscapes and natural wonders, warm polite and generous people with cultural roots in centuries of splendid history, and a way of life that is a pleasant combination of tradition, innovation.

For history buffs like me, the Memorial Veterans Park provides both a refreshing stop along, and an important insight into Pangasinan’s history. The helicopters and tanks display at the back of the Capitol Building speak of a rich forgotten past. The Veteran’s Memorial Park shows some of the photos during the WWII. Look back on the heroism that our older folks showed during the Second World War. The Museum was build to remind us how lucky we are now. Because of our predecessor and to General Douglas McArthur who struggle to free our nation in the hand of Japanese invaders. This museum serves as reminders for the next generation for them to know our heritage.

“I shall return!”These words were made famous by American General Douglas MacArthur after he left the Philippines in the middle of World War II and later returned to fulfill his promise to liberate Filipinos from Japanese forces. Now, the undying words are being spoken by visitors of the Province. Imagine going through the lane of war, starting with a visit to the Gulf of Lingayen which was a very important station for American troops in their assault against the Japanese.


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